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Torque Measurement

Norbar's torque transducers have established an excellent reputation based on exceptional quality and accuracy. A very wide torque range is covered, 0.04 N·m to 100,000 N·m and three basic transducer configurations are offered; Static, Impulse Rotary and Annular.

All transducers up to 100,000 N·m are supplied as standard with a UKAS accredited calibration certificate from Norbar's in-house laboratory.

For customers who wish to take advantage of Norbar's transducers but have an existing, non Norbar display instrument, transducers can be provided with a mV/V calibration.

Norbar's instruments and transducers are complimented by a wide range of ancillary products. Within this group are the products that would be required to set up a torque calibration laboratory, for example, torque wrench loaders meeting ISO requirements and precision beam and weight systems for calibration of torque transducers.

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Electronic Ancillaries

Rechargeable battery packs, carry cases and a Serial Data Lead Kit, are just some ancillaries to the Norbar measurement instruments.


These torque wrench loaders allow torque wrenches to be calibrated or tested in accordance with ISO 6789:2017, BS EN 26789:2003 and American military standard GGG-W-686.

Their function is to take full advantage of the accuracy of Norbar's torque measuring systems by reducing operator induced variations in the calibration process.

Accessories for Transducers

Accessories for Norbar Torque Transducers including Bench Stands, Joint Simulation Rundown Assemblies, Mounting Brackets and Power Tool Test Fixtures.

Torque Transducers

Norbar's range of torque transducers include the Flange Mounted Transducers, Smart Torque Blocks, Static torque transducers and Annular transducers for use with Norbar torque multipliers.

All are 'SMART' which means they have a built in memory circuit containing essential information about the transducer, that Norbar's instruments will immediately recognise.

Hydraulic Tool Calibration Fixtures

Norbar’s Hydraulic Tool Calibration Fixture is a robust device that allows accurate testing of hydraulic torque wrenches. A system comprises of a Calibration Fixture and Transducer, also required is a torque measuring instrument and transducer cable.

Torque Measurement Instruments

Norbar has a range of torque measurement instruments, from the easy to use, cost effective TruCheck through to the sophisticated T-Box XL and TDMS software, which provides the complete solution for torque tool calibration, data logging and data management.

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Tool Test Rigs

The Norbar Test Rigs are designed to simulate the working conditions of screwed or bolted joints. Used in conjunction with a Norbar transducer, bench stand and display instrument, the output of torque controlled power tools can be measured against a range of simulated joint rates, from hard through to soft.

Suitable for Power Tool Testing

Models available for torques from 140 N·m to 7000 N·m (100 lbf·in to 5100 lbf·ft).

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